MicroCool Misting

Say ah-h-h-h-h. New-generation cooling mist systems for discerning homeowners and businesses, from MicroCool.

The world leader in industrial, commercial and residential misting systems

Desert Misting Systems from MicroCool

Transform your home’s patio into a cool, comfortable outdoor living space all summer long.

Why should you have to retreat from your beautiful outdoor oasis when temperatures start to soar? With a MicroCool misting system, you and your guests will keep your cool on the most sizzling summer day. Better yet, unlike other systems, MicroCool fogging mist technology leaves minimal residual water or wetting.

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Each MicroCool misting nozzle creates billions of water droplets less than 1/10th the diameter of a human hair that evaporate virtually instantly – while dropping that super-hot air temperatures to a comfortable level. Cool – and dry – that’s the winning combination!

Create a welcoming oasis for your customers and heat up your business’s bottom line.

It’s the best business investment under the sun. Restaurants, resorts, golf clubs, shopping centers, sports venues, theme parks, public pools – commercial establishments the world over count on MicroCool for the cool, comfortable ambiance that patrons find irresistible on a hot summer day.

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Beat the heat and you can expand your profitable hours as well as your seating space. The mere presence of a misting system can be the beacon that differentiates you from the competition. You’ll draw more customers and increase your revenues!
Misting Nozzle
MicroCool misting system technology – there IS a difference!

There’s a reason why MicroCool has been a world leader in outdoor cooling technology for more than 30 years. Our misting solutions are at work in discriminating residences and the most demanding commercial applications across the globe.

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We are always innovating. Finding new ways to do what we do even better. Finding ways to create cool, comfortable outdoor spaces elegantly, effectively and energy-efficiently. Discover the advanced technology that makes MicroCool misting systems the best outdoor cooling solution – and the best value – on the planet, and you won’t want to settle for less.
Cost Effective Misting

Save $$$ while conserving energy.

Having the best misting system you can buy actually costs you LESS in the long run. MicroCool misting systems are precision engineered, using top-quality components and the latest energy-saving technology. Our variable-speed pumps, for example, can save in excess of 60% in electricity costs over conventional pump systems.

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MicroCool misting systems can be programmed to turn off when not needed, saving water and energy, as well as wear and tear on the system. Nozzle lines are made of stainless steel. Bottom line? Lower operating, maintenance and repair costs over the long life of the system.

Large and small. MicroCool does it all.

MicroCool Industrial Cooling